TouchCall Solutions - Christina High

Los Angeles, California 2 comments
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My partner found them on Craigslist called MRKTGDATA.COM at:

Technical Contact:

High, Christina

700 West Center Street Suite 4

West Bridgewater, Massachusetts 02379

United States

714-887-8126 The number says it is a cell in Huntington Beach in California and a land line Fax in Rhode Island 401-633-6712. I think this person Christina is funding a terrorist cell and the Federal Government Should be called in to Stop this person.

You will probably be getting a call from me or my partner shortly. I'm calling the FBI and the US Marshall office along with our Vice President now!

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I can't believe this!!!I used to work with Christina in Manila, Philippines and now it is confirmed that she's really making an illegal business.

I can confirmed that she has her own call center in Ortigas that time and I've heard that it has moved already to Davao, Philippines now. It's the right time to ask help from FBI to stop what she's doing and making fool of the people.



TouchCall Solutions Telemarketers underpaid, over worked!

Bangkok, Krung Thep 2 comments
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I used to be a telemarketer of touchcall solutions integrated philippines.Sometime in October 2007 we were hired by Mr Frankie Ang from the souhtern part of the Philippines.

Ang promised us a very generous salary, and bunch of benifits. About ten or twelve of us, relocated in Manila to work as call center agents at touchcall solutions integrated, located along Julia Vargas avenue, Ortigas Pasig city. Upon our arrival, we were immediately oriented as to what positions and other matters regarding the job. Undergraduates will be paid 7,500.00php/mo.

for degree holders its 9,500php/mo. We undergone training for one month. After the said training, things had changed. Ang told us that instead of receiving the agreed salary, we will be paid only 100.00php/lead.

working on a grave yard shift for nine hours, without any medical benefits or any other benefits as Ang promised. Living in Manila for 100 peso per lead is a big gamble for us.

As i can remember Ang told us that this comapny is under liscensed of TouchCall Solutions USA.



any updates bowt tthat ***?


yes it true!what happend to that ***

FRAUD TouchCall Solutions

Atascadero, California 0 comments
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America's Best Telemarketing, AKA Touch Call AKA Advantel Telemarketing Plus AKA TouchTone Telemarketing - next steps

Hello everyone!

I have not given up on these thieves. As a matter of fact I have found a sympathetic ear with an assistant DA. I have also located David Thomas Andre’s (DTA) and Christina High’s home addresses. I have included that information below, plus phone numbers of various police departments and district attorney’s offices that you will need to call. Call the MA and SC authorities to file complaints, arrest warrants, whatever you can get them to do. If you must leave a message say it relates to your being victimized by interstate fraud by DTA, Christina High, Touch Call, Advantel and America’s Best Telemarketing, so they see there are many of us calling in about the same problem. Keep calling them – they will call back when the noise level from all of our calls gets high enough! When you get a live person make sure you tell them your whole story and that you want your money back, these people arrested, and the companies put out of business.

We found no records fro America’s Best Telemarketing or TouchTone Telemarketing which means they are probably operating illegally under those names – another set of crimes being committed.

DTA’s home address:

5 Mockingbird Hill, Bridgewater, MA 02324

DTA is listed as the President, Treasurer, Secretary and Director of Advantel Telemarketing Plus, one of their thieving aliases. The company office is listed with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as 700 West Center Street, Suite 4, West Bridgewater, MA 02379. West Bridgewater and Bridgewater are in Plymouth County, see phone numbers below.

DTA is also listed with MA as the Treasurer and Director of Touch Call Solutions, Inc. In this separate filing Touch Call has the same address as Advantel.

Christina High is listed as the President and Secretary of Touch Call Solutions. In this filing she lists her address as 40 San Miguel Ct, Pasig City, Philippines, but an updated filing shows that she lives at506 Campbell Road, Ridgeville, SC 29472. Ridgeville is in Dorchester County, see phone numbers below.

So here are some phone numbers you need to call:

Kristen Freeman – Assistant DA Plymouth County, MA 508.894.6311

Mike *** - West Bridgewater Police 508.586.2525

Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office – 508.830.6200

Ray Nash - Dorchester County Sheriff – 843.832.0300

Ridgeville Police – 843.873.4971

Solicitor (District Attorney) (many contacts, try Pascoe and Bell first)

Summervillle Office St. George Office

140 N. Main Street, Suite 102 101 Ridge Street,Courthouse

Summerville, SC 29483 St. George, SC 29477

843-871-2640 843-832-0150 or843-563-0150

David M. Pascoe, Solicitor

B. Harrison Bell, Jr. , Senior Assistant Solicitor

Blair Jennings , Assistant Solicitor William E. McIntosh , Assistant Solicitor

Jean Popowski , Assistant Solicitor

Susan Williams , Assistant Solicitor

Also, we can apply pressure to their bank. We need to call the President of the bank and notify them that their customer (use all the company aliases in your complaint) is committing fraud and using their bank to clear the money. Tell him we want them to stop supporting this criminal activity and help us bring them to justice. This bank information must also be given to the police and district attorneys/solictors. The bank is Rockland Trust Co. The account these thieves are using is 295003265.The CEO/President of the bank is Chris Oddleifson and he can be reached at 781.982.6547, which is the direct line for his Executive Assistant Tara, who is very helpful.

We must all keep hammering at these people. I know of one person who just got his money back from them, so it can be done!

Good luck and keep in touch.

Ted Salamone408 710 1256

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Class action against Touchcall Solutions

Little Rock, Arkansas 1 comment
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Please contact me at 501-993-1444 to join a class action suit against touchcall.I am not an attorney.

I own an insurnace brokerage company and had David Andrae and Christina Ang steal $2,500 from my company. We are taking them to court. We will have much more success if we can band together and sue them in a class action. I work with an attorney that will help take them to court.

Please call me. The complaints I hear on this site are identical to what have happened to me and my company.

Tina and David I will get my money from you one way or another.Theives!!!

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Any luck getting an attorney to consider a class action lawsuit?

Stay away from TouchCall solutions

Washington, District Of Columbia 0 comments

I agree, TouchCall Solutions is a Fraud. I too am an insurance broker from New York. I was looking for a way to increase appointments and opportunities and came along TouchCall Solutions. I spoke to a Sales person Gary O'Neil and then Dei Mekenna and then Christina "Tina" Russell. It's been alomst a year now and they have yet to book one appointment. When I too asked for a refund of my $2,195 they also told me they don't do refunds. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and the MA State Attorneys office. My next step is to file a claim in court.

As you read in the first complaint, word for word is exactly what happened to me.

Stay Away from TouchCall Solutions.

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Touchcall Solutions is a Fraud

Great Neck, New York 3 comments

I am an Insurance agent out of NY. I came across the Touchcall Solutions website when I was thinking about ways to increase the amount of prospects I could get in front of. I decided to call up and see what they were about. The salesperson named John told me that they would call a list that I had to purchase for $195 and book appointments for me at $55 a piece. I had to pay for 25 appointments up front so my total outlay was $1570.

Three weeks went by and TouchCall had only booked one appointment for me. I called up to complain and my account representative Christina "Tina" Russell told me that they were going to work harder to get me more appointments.

After that conversation I was flooded by about 6 appointments at once. I was very pleased at first. As I started to confirm each appointment one by one, I started to realize that these people never agreed to meet with me face to face. They either had no knowledge of me or only agreed to talk to me over the phone. Only one of them resulted in a face to face appointment. I complained to Tina and she told me that the appointments would be refunded. Since then, I have not received one more appointment.

I asked for my money back and she told me that she will not refund my money. This company is a fraud. Beware of Tina who will tell you anything you want to hear but will not take any action to make you happy.

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Alum Creek, West Virginia, United States #11240

Wills Point, Texas, United States #10117

I also am in this mess. Please contact me as well. These people are a joke.

Pascoag, Rhode Island, United States #8588

I am in the middle of being scammed by these people....Contact me if you can

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